In this stunning memoir, American business woman Barbara Lukavsky takes you on her personal journey through life's extremes--from great loves and great loss...from romance and bloodshed on a dark and dangerous road...from small towns in America to safari in South Africa--all in the span of one year.

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Sit back. Settle down. Grab a nice cup of Rooibos South African tea and savor an endearing life that truly earns our admiration.
--David J. Ernst, BOOK-A-FRIEND/New York

Barbara Lukavsky is the most openly honest and loving woman I know. In The Road Home, she traces a harrowing period of her life with her usual warmth, zest and uncompromising honesty.
--Franz Dickmann, Fotopli/London

Each chapter amazes. In the end, The Road Home is a story about choosing life over death, contentment over sorrow.
--Kay K. Runbe, MLS

Watch The Dance of The Warrior
Experience it in The Road Home, Chapter 10, Zululand