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An American woman's journey through grief, peril, romance and rediscovery in South Africa.

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Watch the Dance of The Warrior
Experienced in The Road Home, Chapter 10, Zululand

Barbara Lukavsky is a business owner, consultant and speaker who has served on the board of directors for a leading global financial company for more than two decades. She lives in Des Moines, Iowa, and Scottsdale, Arizona (near her grandchildren).

Follow her in this stunning memoir as she faces life's extremes, from great loves and great loss to a violent and bloody shooting on a dark road in South Africa and home again, all in one year.

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Not since The Year of Magical Thinking
has a woman's grief been so profound.

Not since Out of Africa has a woman lost so much
without sacrificing her dignity.

Not since Eat Pray Love has a search for
love and fulfillment been so far reaching.

Chapter Titles 1-20: Leaving South Africa; The Trip; Scottie; Bringing Scottie Home; Grant; Gene; Friends and White Roses; First Run at First Light; Safari; Zululand; Last Night in Durban; Going Home; Home Alone; Expectations; Christmas Mourning; The Scheme of Things; Married; The River Road; A Woman My Age; Touchstones.

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